How to get insurance again after receiving a convicted driver ban

Getting a driving ban and how it effects you

Everybody makes mistakes. If you’ve made one regarding drinking and driving or using drugs and driving, then you will likely have received a drink or drug driving conviction and been banned from driving. This driving ban alone will probably have had serious repercussions on several aspects of your life, including your ability to get to and from work, your social life and anything else that you needed transport for. You may even have found that, if you need to own a clean driving licence as part of your work, then it could even have cost you your job.

Once you have served your ban though, you will no doubt want to get back on the road and, having hopefully learned your lesson, will be looking at where you can get Convicted Driver Car Insurance to help you do that.

Customizing Your Cover

Make sure you get the cover that you need and is right for you, and always tell the truth to your insurer. Never be tempted to lie in order to get a cheaper quote as when you get caught out, which is usually when you need to make a claim and they discover something isn’t as you originally said it was, then they could reject your claim and void your policy, meaning you have to pay out of your own pocket, and technically you were never insured in the first place.

What’s more, if you’ve already got a driving ban on your licence, having insurance cancelled for non-disclosure of information on your record too will make it even harder to find cover at all in the future.

Improve your car or vans security

One thing that could help reduce the cost of your Drink Driver Car Insurance is to make sure your vehicle is secure overnight. This could include fitting after-market security products and trackers, but it could also involve simply where you park your car or van. If you park your vehicle overnight on a public road or car park, then the chances of it being damaged or stolen are likely to be higher than if you parked it in a garage or secure lock-up. However, don’t be tempted to lie about where you park it to your insurance company because if you end up needing to make a claim if your car is stolen, it could be easy for them to discover it wasn’t parked where you say it is parked, and they could end up rejecting your claim, leaving you to foot the bill yourself and substantially out of pocket.

How much will it affect the cost?

One thing you will definitely find after being banned from driving having received a conviction, is that getting insurance cover will be a lot more difficult. Because of your conviction, many insurance companies won’t even offer you cover at all, and those that do will likely increase your premium to reflect the nature of your conviction. What the increase in cost represents compared to your previous, conviction-free cover, will differ from insurer-to-insurer and from customer-to-customer, but it is likely to be significant. As such it is always worth getting a few quotes, and always worth contacting a broker that specialises in insurance for people with convictions as they will have the experience of dealing with people in your situation, and will also probably have access to rates that other non-specialist brokers don’t, meaning they will probably be cheaper, and will definitely be better placed to give you specific advice or guidance around what is right for you.

Another way of reducing the cost of your insurance once you’ve received a dink driving or drug driving ban, is by opting to attend one of the nationally offered Driving Rehabilitation courses. These are offered by the courts and if you complete one, your ban can be reduced by up to a quarter, meaning you’ll be back on the road sooner. The other benefit of doing a course is that it will probably be recognised by your insurance broker, and some give discounts for their completion.

You will probably find that your driving conviction / ban / disqualification affects the cost of your car insurance for five years, as this is the period that insurers usually ask about any driving convictions.

Choose a new car that can help lower your price

You might also have to think about what you drive going forwards too, if you’ve been banned, as your vehicle can impact the cost of cover. If you previously drove a high-powered, high insurance group car, then you might find that the cost of getting covered on this again sky rockets. As such, you may need to look at getting a cheaper, lower group car to get you back on the road, to keep the cost of cover down. Insurers will think you are a bigger risk now that you’ve been convicted, and so the more expensive and powerful your car, the bigger potential risk you pose, so maybe look at what you’re driving and see if you can make a change to help reduce the cost.

Experts in drink driver insurance

As mentioned above, probably the best and simplest way to find the right cover is to speak to someone that specialises in convicted driver car insurance. There are several specialist insurance brokers out there, so have a look on the internet and do some research. It’s always worth checking out a company’s reviews to see what other people that may have used the company before have to say. You may also find that some specialist brokers even consider any No Claims Bonus you accrued before you got banned, which could help to reduce your costs and get you back on the road.